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SPEC › BOTH › #1275 1 day ago
JDF-828 Update the inside cover partner banner.
Testless build
SPEC › JDF › #1259 1 day ago
JDF-828 Update the inside cover partner banner.
Testless build
SPEC › XJDF › #1286 1 day ago
JDF-828 Update the inside cover partner banner.
Testless build
SPEC › PRINTTALK › #139 1 day ago
PTK-276 Update the inside front cover partner banner
Testless build
SPEC › PRINTTALK › #138 3 days ago
PTK-276 Updated cover banners.
Testless build
SPEC › BOTH › #1274 3 days ago
Fix v minor space typo in multi page fold.
JDF-828 Updated front and back covers of both versions with the latest partner banner etc.
Testless build
SPEC › XJDF › #1285 3 days ago
Fix v minor space typo in multi page fold.
JDF-828 Updated front and back covers of both versions with the latest partner banner etc.
Testless build
SPEC › JDF › #1258 3 days ago
JDF-828 Updated front and back covers of both versions with the latest partner banner etc.
Fix v minor space typo in multi page fold.
Testless build
SPEC › BOTH › #1273 1 week ago
JDF-772 Replace come and go pagination diagram.
Testless build
SPEC › JDF › #1257 1 week ago
JDF-772 Replace come and go pagination diagram.
Testless build
Build Completed Code commits Tests
SCHEMES › XJDF › #431 4 months ago
JDF-768 Added @ToolIDs to DeviceInfo and JobPhase.
JDF-779 Clarified use of @ColorantName in ColorantAlias.
JDF-633 Removed unwanted entries from the glossary and fixed all cross references etc.
JDF-774 Added @SheetLay to StrippingParams and Layout.
JDF-777 Added @PlacedQuantity to GangElement...
JDF-775 Deprecated @CTM from Preview.
JDF-752 Complete revision of ganging - removing the GangPreparation process and the GangPreparationResource also had to modify the ForceGangPolicy, inline and remove.
JDF-770 Fixed incorrect use of 'float' in place of 'double' for JDF.
JDF-733 Updated 'Dot' register mark to be a dot and added multi-dot registration example.
JDF-771 Clarified exactly what a rotation is in the transformation examples table.
JDF-776 Fixed ColorSpaceConversionOp Resource Candiate header.
JDF-773 Made the Assembly resource input of processes for webinlinefinishing JDF only
JDF-752 Fixed some more broken references and 'WaitForGang' enumeration.
Testless build
SCHEMES › PTKS › #35 4 months ago
PTK-248 Updated diagram and text for Quote Procurement.
PTK-246 Added revised job tracking with subscriptions illustration.
PTK-265 Clarified the @QuoteiD in the PO.
PTK-274 Removed the Change Flag & Release Notes for PrintTalk/@Version - it is now an errata for version 2.0
PTK-269 Clarified use of single root product in each XJDF.
PTK-271 Fixed full stop typo.
PTK-266 Fixed datatype typo RFQ/@QuoteIDs
PTK-246 Added Job Tracking with subscription illustration.
PTK-271 Deprecated @UnitPrice and updated/reviewed the release notes.
PTK-246 Forced the job tracking with subscription header onto a new page.
PTK-250 Clarified use of @ReorderID and added to example workflow table.
PTK-266 Final clarification to RFQ/@QuoteIDs...
PTK-273 Fixed boolean error in OrderStatusResponse.
PTK-270 Fixed 're-order' to reorder.
Testless build
SCHEMES › JDF15 › #99 5 months ago
JDF-748 Manual update to samples to improve formatting.
JDF-723 Complete work for updating @Sides in SignatureCell and StripCellParams.
JDF-648 Ensured MultiPageFold was for XJDF only. Removed @CommonFolds.
JDF-736 Fix cardinality of RegisterMark/@MarkName
JDF-748 JDF-748 Manual update to samples to improve formatting. Also fixed broken cross-reference.
JDF-761 Revised ordering of the Structure chapter.
JDF-758 Made Media & RunList inline elements for SheetOptimizingParams/GangElement.
:JDF-739 Tidyup of Media/@Spectrum and @BackSpectrum.
JDF-409 Fixed incorrect cardinality of QualityControlParams/@Severity. (Result was OK).
JDF-720 Clarify use of deprecated partition keys in processes that use Assembly.
JDF-769 Updated @ModuleIDs for JobPhase and DeviceInfo.
JDF-778 Fix to example paragraph header.
Testless build
SPEC › XJDFMILESTONE › #46 9 months ago
JDF-644 Moved schema FileSpec from DeviceInfo to the Device resource.
JDF-435 Fixed couple of typos in A media sizes.
JDF-604 Final missing references in release notes.
JDF-675 Clarified who determines the value of DeliveryParams/@TrackingID.
JDF-571 Added XJDF common folds example
JDF-528 Repositioned FileSpec In ProofingIntent/ProotItem...
JDF-622 Change RunList/@DocPages to be in both version and added the XJDF example provided.
JDF-387 Fixed broken conditionals allowing XJDF change flag to show in JDF version for Activity/@EndTime
JDF-630 Adjusted Patch to allow for square as well as circular etc.
JDF-588 Revised desctiption of MarkObject/@ContentRef and added new example.
JDF-374 Fix typos in MarkName tables.
JDF-650 Added @Version to both XJDF and XJMF.
JDF-685  Removed 'Cast' as an example from the three CoatingDetails variants in Media.
JDF-645 Replaced Vinly with Synthetic in the MediaTypes enumeration.
JDF-604 Second part - all cross references fix - new format required etc.
JDF-642 Rationalized all versions references to 'Partitioned By' ...
JDF-372 Removed unwanted brands from Table 8.113: Usage of Barcode Attributes for Certain Barcode Types
JDF-557 Yet another broken link test.
JDF-516 Added Event to ResourceInfo and DeviceInfo - plus a bit of change flag stuff etc
JDF-672 Fixed conditional markers that resulted in tabulation dots appearing.
JDF-680 Added FileSpec for image comparison and changed @ResourceUsage to disambiguate.
JDF-661 Clarify the semantics of RunList/@OrdType.
JDF-440 Made @Spectrum for Color resource new in both versions.
JDF-649 Altered the note to be better placed under the JDF StripCellParams diagram
JDF-619 Clarification to process reporting
JDF-420 Fixed typos from editing.
JDF-425 Made the @Name and @Value data types of FileSpec/Header strings (not nmtokens)
JDF-398 Fixed conditional typo.
JDF-639 Clarified the different use cases for @BlockName and Cutting.
JDf-632 Added new ColorMeasurement subelement for use in QualityControlXXX.
Also fixed JDF-396 and JDF-387 Fix to broken conditional flags in Change Flag for various versions - inextricably linked....
JDF-652 Updates Printing Technologies table.
JDF-440 Fixed typo in both occurences of @Spectrum.
JDF-374 Revised JDF version of MarkName values and populate the XJDF version.
JDF-622 Added @DocPages to JDF RunList
JDF-695 Added and revived DATAMATRIX barcode encoding.
JDF-598 Added 'Glossary' character format to templates and imported to all documents.
JDF-594 Moved Certification from ColorIntent to ColorIntent/SurfaceColor
JDF-623 Fixed description of Device Filter
Fixed typo in MediaType MountingTape ...
JDF-692 Added Uncalendared.
JDF-599 Minor changes to 'Schema and XJDF Context' text.
JDF-604 Readjust NMTOKEN return codes and release notes.
JDF-505 Removed moribund section needing an example
JDF-659 Added missing JDF 1.6 change flag to EmbossingItem/@Location
JDF-571 Added common folds example for JDF only.
Attempting to get the JDF/Both versions to open at the cover page.
JDF-538 Reset XJDF process input resources to required.
JDF-604 Minor adjustments to align codes for both XJDF and JDF
JDF-560 Updated JMF QueueEntry status diagram
JDF-686 Fixed conditional hiding XJDF cr/lf.
JDF-557 Another test to fix broken links in the final PDF. Make the table anchor a separate paragraph.
JDF-679 Clarified requirements for filling in a QualityControlResult resource.
JDF-673 Cosolodated description of FoldingIntent, not to confuse that of BindingIntent.
JDF-598 Made 'Partition Key(s)' everywhere into Glossary format. Refined text in Part description for XJDF.
JDF-682 Removed blank lines from release notes appendix tables.
JDF-396 Fixed cardinality of BindingQuality in QualityControlResult
JDF-676 Reduction and consolidation of conditional text.
JDF-660 Fixed typo in ProductionIntent/Certification table entry.
JDF-617 Deprecated Color/@PrintStandard in XJDF. Modified notes in Part/@PrintCondition.
JDF-493 Trawl specs to find change flags in descripiton column of attribute value tables - moved to Value column.
JDF-694 Added CellCondtion to BinderySignature/SignatureCell
JDF-643 Added more notes to show how to retrieve a device specific schema.
JDF-372 Removed proprietary names form encoding details
JDF-488 Remove change flags from NKTOKEN tables - specifically the MiscConsumable Types.
JDF-646 Tidy up use of enumeration and values for MediaIntent/@MediaType
JDF-596 Expanded description of ColorIntent/SurfaceColor/@PrintStandard.
JDF-688 Removed conditional line feed in CaseMaking input resource.
JDF-597 Clarified use of @Face for 3d objects only.
JDF-631 Added @DescriptiveName to XJMF/Header
JDF-641 Fixed minor typo ...
JDF-435 Adjustment/clarification to ISO/JIS B paper size differences. Minor typos in the references appendix.
JDF-604 First part of moving Error code appendix into the encoding appendix. Broken links not yet fixed.
JDF-654 Replaced specific @Speed in ConventionalPrintingParams to more generic @MaxRunSpeed in Device.
JDF-601 Fixed replacing @ProductPart with @Product in WebInlineFinishing.
JDF-616 Updated and added @Version for XJDF/XJMF
JDF-677 Added @ReplaceAfter and @ReplaceBefore to JDF 1.7 Signal message.
Minor typo found in heading of ChannelTypeDetails Attribute Values table.
Minor typo fix: Removed 1.6 change flag in XJDF version of SheetOptimizing process input resources
JDF-409 Made QualityControlParams unconditional (added to JDF 1.7).
JDF-641 Amended title of Appendix A.3 to remove string as it's really just NMTOKENS.
JDF-693 Undeprecate CustomerMessage
JDF-457 Removed xmlns from tables and clarified use of namespaces in introduction.
JDF-425 Added proper examples for uses of header in FileSpec
JDF-241 Update graphics for cut and stack diagram.
JDF=591 Fixed camel case of Web Digital Printer for device class.
JDF-616 ?? Some FM issues not added to the actual file...
JDF-561 Replace 'global queue messages' with updated graphic
Adding Framemaker ICS build extenstion.
QCICS Added build variants to the scripts.
PTK-100 Modified build script to account for version less framemaker builds.
Testless build
SPEC › XJDFMILESTONE › #41 2 years ago
XJDF-1415 Removed unwanted MiscConsumable(wire) from shape cutting process inputs.
XJDF-1449 Fixed reference/format to BinderySignature in Part/@BinderySIgnatureID
XJDF-1241 Final tranche of setting case of figures.
XJDF-1401 Find and replace hard/soft _- cover to single words.
XJDF-1413 Revised formatting of the methods of Loose-Leaf binding. Removed note about coil binding necessitating an offset.
JDF-247 Updated all resource chapter examples to use rtf files. NOTE: some will need reformating as they are too long/wide.
JDF-246 Updating more illustrations - any issues have been raise separately.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
XJDF-1400 Remvoe spurious and ambiguous note about @ChildRefs in BindingIntent.
JDF-246 Replacing old png with batch of new ai files. Some spearate issues have been raised due to minor errors in the new diagrams.
XJDF-1418 Modified descriptions of miscconsumable for wrapping and added better descriptions in the MiscConsumable/@Type table.
JDF-246 Update illustrations for processes chapter
RESET Again these files have been overwritten - reset back to last know good working copy.
XJDF-1416 Added MiscConsumable for SpineTaping
XJDF-1382 Fixex formatting typos and removed/reformatted notes in LayoutIntent/@SpreadType
XJDF-1430 Remove useless comma.
Fix issue with missing illustration due to duplication in different chapters in JDF and XJDF
XJDF-1411 Fixed incorrect case of Headband when used as a MiscConsumable type.
XJDF-1423 Replaced old XJDF example with new improved rtf example.
JDF-246 Fix 'pseudo code' formatting.
XJDF-1399 Clarify description of how to create unambiguous ResourceSets.
XJDF-1425 Made LaminatingIntent/@Surface data type enumerations to allow for both front & back.
JDF-247 Minor typos fixed while reviewing for JDF examples.
XJDF-1405 Rework passage in ColorSpaceConversion process to clarify that DeviceLink is not a JDF/XJDF item, rather a term from ICC
JDF-246 Update rollup stand in XJDF version of intents.
JDF Minor typo/style change to footnote of Figure 'JDF node structure'.
XJDF-1428 Remove unwanted 'Tab' from appendix 'Status' heading.
JDF-246 Updated appendix pagination diagram - removed old png and move new ai file to ./common/appendix
RESET: Somehow these files have been set to the wrong version: I've had to reset them to what I hope is the last good build.
Need to be checked by an automatic build.
JDF-251 Revised how many enumeration/NMTOKEN entries that are duplicated, in turn refer to the list of values.
JDF-246 Updated preface chapter for illustrations.
JDF-247 Updated all examples for subelements chapter.
JDF-247 Structure: Replacing old JDF doc examples with new build rtf files.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
XJDF-1403 Revised text describing how the reader should interpret tables in the process descriptions
XJDF-1400 Fixed conformance flag of 'shall' in BindingIntent/@ChildRefs
Very minor typos: Font of first TrappingParams cross reference in TrappingParams resource.
White space before '*' for Stripping process generic input resources
XJDF-1383 Fixed missed edit in overview removed link from Devices in section Device ...
XJDF-1241 First tranche of fixing figure heading capitalization.
XJDF-1427 Remove spurious line feed due to poor use of conditionals.
XJDF-1414 Revised and modified usage MisConsumable values for LooseBinding.
JDF-247 Processes - updated all old examples with generated rtf files.
XJDF-1397 Last few minor typos from review.
JDF-246 Updated illustrations for intents chapter.
JDF-246 Updated illustrations in the JMF chapter. Moved the ai files to the new location.
XJDF-1421 Removed broken XPath reference when using Element predicates. ie Element[@A="V"] without a '/'
JDF-251 Fix to broken font (and thus cross references) in Encoding.
XJDF-1406 Removed reference to moribund PJTF.
XJDF-1398 Revised typos and editorial stuff from fdf. (Forgot resources had a new cross reference target)
JDF-249 Removed moribund data types from introduction and appendix.
JDF-247 Structure: Completed - all examples are in jdf/rtf workflow.
JDF-251 Extensive rework of all enumeration(s) that refer rather than link to another elment.
JDF-246 Update illustrations for Overview chapter.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
Repeat of all work to update sample code in three chapters for JDF build.
JDF-246 Replacing old png with batch of new ai files. Some spearate issues have been raised due to minor errors in the new diagrams.
JDF-246 Update and revise file naming for new layout for life cycle chapter.
Merge branch 'master' of

# Conflicts:
#        FrameMaker/
#        FrameMaker/
#        FrameMaker/
JDF-247 JMF: Updating all examples with new jdf/rtf workflow files.
XJDF-1446 - Changed datatype of Module/@ModuleType from NMTOKEN to NMTOKENS
XJDF-1402 Remove reference to OpacityLevel in intents.
XJDF-1398 Editorial updates second set. Couple of minor typos fixed.
XJDF-1408 Added symetrical process notes to Rendering. Modified introduction to RasterReading.
IN-253 Adding build number to specification builds.
Testless build
Build Completed Code commits Tests
SCHEMES › JDF15 › #102 3 months ago
JDF-752 Fixed missed edit in first paragraph, fixed incorrect references in the StrippingParams/Layout modification note .
JDF-790 Massaged text to clarify GangElement/@FillPriority
JDF-782 Deprecated unnecessary Comment from ApprovalDetails.
JDF-786 Added GeneralID to XJDF GangElement.
Revised table heading of entire appendix A so that all tables use 'Value' not 'Values' (was a complete mishmash).
JDF-791 Added new and clarified other values for DeviceStatus enumeration.
JDF-784 Added @CustomerID to GangElement.
JDF-788 Fixed wrong font in WorkStyle enumeration introduction.
JDF-791 Fixed typo in DeviceStatus - Production.
JDF-759 Clarify output amounts for SheetOptimizing and add a new example.
JDF-787 Wordsmith GangElement/@JobID
JDF-781 Added enumerations for Rotogravure substrates.
JDF-764 Clarified Workstep in the glossary and added WorkStep to the JobPhase item
JDF-758 Added missing change flag for RunList and noted in release notes.
JDF-766 Updated descriptions of GangCmdFilter and GangQuFilter.
JDF-780 Added @PositionOrd to the Position subelement of Layout. Includes placeholder for example.
JDF-785 Added @DeliveryDate and tidied some date related descriptions for GangElement.
JDF-761 Revise the heading levels of the JDF version for Audits.
JDF-633 Removed unwanted entries from the glossary and fixed all cross references etc.
Testless build
SCHEMES › PTKS › #37 4 months ago
PTK-255 Add two new samples to clarify use of Additional.
Testless build
SPEC › XJDFMILESTONE › #47 6 months ago
JDF-678 Add duplicate elements to StripMark.
JDF-691 Fixed typo.
MARKETING-47 Updated covers and banner titles.
JDF-713 Removed JDF change flags from XJDF version.
JDF-671 Added release notes for FileSpec change in DieLayout.
Found and fixed undocumented broken cross references.
JDF-722 Removed tranche of JDF 1.7 NMTOKEN references from GeneralID/@IDUsage.
JDF-667 Prefix clarification for GeneralID/@IDUsage.
JDF-602 Changed QualityControlParams/@QualityBase to and enumeration.
JDF-714 Fixed conditional allowing NetworkHeader to bleed into XJDF spec.
JDF-705 Fixed references for Media resource.
JDF-691 Fix decriptions for multiple Notification messages.
JDF-707 Updated JMF chapter for Deprecated in JDf 1.5 items to be optional (not required).
JDF-594 Removed duplicate Certificatoin in Media resource.
JDF-674 Clarify incosistend process or intent handling.
JDF-639 Updated 1.7 version of Part/@BlockName to match 2.1 description.
JDF-592 Fixed use of activity or the reference to the element.
JDF-704 Moved BindingQuality to subelements.
JDF-666 Clarify the use of the Names registry on the web site.
JDF-701 Clarified requirement to use ISO two letter codes.
JDF-680 Fix conditional in QualityControlParams. Added reference to QCP in both flavours of FileSpec.
JDF-638 Revise use of CutBlock and make it a subelement.
JDF-726 Cleaned up spurious New in XJDF in introduction chapter.
JDF-684 Minor typos/references while preparing to do the complete trawl.
JDF-654 Fixed hidden conditional on CR
JDF-651 Clarified and revised String Generation appendix.
JDF-632 Fixed description of ColorMeasurement and added proper references in the header of the sub-element.
JDSF-671 Added modification note to DieLayout FileSpec.
JDF-676 Removed latin 'post facto'.
JDF-621 Fixed editorial errors in the introduction to RunList.
JDF-626 Added FitPolicy to StrippingParams and StripCellParams.
JDF-717 Modified wording for new resource sets.
JDF-669 Clarified use of Part in CommandResource message.
JDF-679 Fixed consequential broken cross references.
JDF-425 Renamed the new 'header' in FileSpec to NetworkHeader.
JDF-625 Clarify use of Condition for CellCondition, PageActivation, PageCondition and SheetActivation.
JDF-713 Fixed QueueEntry RelatedJobXXX to be new in XJDF.
JDF-697 Revise pseudo code for automated imposition.
JDF-671 Allow multiple filespecs for DieLayout.
JDF-699 Added combined FileSpec for verifcation results.
JDF-721 Fixed use of partition key for output Component of Cutting.
JDF-704 Retain old decription for deprecated BindingQualityParams
JDF-631 Minor tweak to Header description.
JDF-713 Removed some final unrequired change flags.
JDF-651 Aligned JDF/XJDF versions of the App G introduction.
JDF-638 Fixed typo in and duplication of @Operations in CutBlock
JDF-626 Updated references in FitPolicy subelement header.
JDF-695 Modified the barcodes to be fully inclusive of HIBC_DATAMATRIX and DATAMATRIX
JDF-594 Added new references to the Certification sub-element.
JDF-717 Removed redundant 'new' in release notes.
JDF-573 Fixed typo.
JDF-717 Fixed wording when resource sets are added to processes.
JDF-702 Updated all xxxSpan value statements.
JDF-703 Apply updated image for queue messages.
JDF-687 Added RelatedJobID and RelatedJobPartID to QueueEntry IDInfo and JobPhase
JDF-709 Removed wierd change flag remnants in JMF/@ResponseURL name column.
JDF-638 Added missing change flag for both versions of CutBlock, new in ConvertingConfig.
JDF-719 Updated introduction copyright.
JDF-678 Fixed wierd conditonal that removed CR from RegisterMark in StripMark element.
JDF-694 Fixed CellCondition typo and reference to Side.
JDF-528 Merged more items with identical descriptions.
JDF-575 Updated description of ResourceSet/@Usage.
JDF-516 Fixed Signal/Audit Resource/Status copy paste error.
JDF-718 Added clarification at the start of the Resource chapter.
JDF-602 Made paragraph unconditional and fixed typo.
JDF-666 Removed date and version from CIP4 Name Registry reference.
JDF-708 Fixed spelling typo.
JDF-653 Clarified the explanation of FillMark in multiple places.
JDF-626 Fix number of instances of paragraphs ending with double ..
JDF-643 Fixed too many See's
JDF-516 Fixed missing reference in Event subelement header.
JDF-687 Fixed XJDF in multiple @RelatedJobID and @RelatedJobPartID.
JDF-594 Clarified usage for Medai Certification.
JDF-573 Fixed formatting of normative words in the introduction to QualityControlResult.
Testless build
SCHEMES › PTKS › #15 10 months ago
PTK-219 Fixes to typos.
PTK-219 Added details about Master Contract ID's and added it as a Glossary term.
PTK-237 Updated illustration.
PTK-224 Updated illustration to version in this issue.
PTK-223 Added updated image - fiddled with paragraph attachments
Added file to prevent time consuming comparision of binary ai files.
PTK-223 Updated illustration.
PTK-222 Clarified how to use Price/@LineID
PTK-214 Removed examples appendix, revised workflow chapter to compensate. Book Update.
PTK-214 Re-organize use of ID's section.
PTK-214 Fixed typos and re-worded @BusinessID
PTK-223 PTK-224 Added workflow diagrams.
PTK-227 Added Print Buyer Initiated Quotation illustration.
PTK-237 Added illustration.
PTK-226 Removed unused appendix and updated book.
Testless build
SPEC › IJDP › #5 1 year ago
ICS-IDP Added links to missing resource files.
Testless build
SPEC › XJDFMILESTONE › #43 2 years ago
JDF-334 Editorial updates for JDF Ch 5
XJDF-1231 Update illustrations for tight backing enumeration table.
XJDF-1325 Merged new illustrations for pile pattern and stacking into a single figure.
XJDF-1269 Updated illustration.
XJDF-1558 Removed local list of values from ProductionIntent/@PrintProcess
XJDF-1528 Revised descriptions regarding TrimSize in SignatureCell.
XJDF-1263 Updated staple shape enumeration table in appendix.
XJDF-1315 Added new illustrations for Anchor enumeration
XJDF-1565 Removed illustration from XJDF - left as old stye for JDF - punted to next version
XJDf-1005 Revised figure header and introduction text for Overlapping processing.
Updated illustrations for table "BoxFoldingType Attribute Values" - Note: Some remain as PNG's
Update illustration for "Parameters and coordinate system for jacketing"
XJDF-1437 Updated description of BoxFoldingParams/FoldAction/@FoldIndex
XJDF-1579 Removed 'HeldForPipe' from Status Details for Generic Devices
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
XJDF-1244 Reverted illustration changes and fixed FM to put proper legend in the text.
XJDF-1585 Minor change to Module types for web finishing.
Update illustration for "Setup of the jacketing machinery"
JDF-320 Made all uses of type ProcessUsage of data type NMTOKEN, not string.
XJDF-1580 Editorial updates.
XJDF-1456 Fixes to speed in messages, units and resources.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
XJDF-1518 Added references to Pallets and IPP working goup.
XJDF-1491 Migrated JDF to the new style of using text as a distinct element.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
XJDF-1540 Revised Hole/@Center
XJDF-1265 Added new flexo interlocks illustratrion
XJDF-1495 Reverted JDF instances of Inkjet where used as a value.
JDF-324 Fix BindingTypes for proper XJDF/JDF dicotomy.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
Fix to broken reference to Pile Pattern figure.
XJDF-1538 Updated reliable signaling diagram to use lower case refID attributes.
JDF-324 Better alignment of BindingTypes between XJDF and JDF
XJDF-1456 Removed speed entry from Units table in appendix.
XJDF-1509 Added new example to split the signal status messages into two.
XJDF-1569 Fixed spelling in Operation attribute Move enumerations
XJDF-1540 Clarified SHALL/SHOULD in HolePattern.
XJDF-1393 Revised table for new illustration size.
XJDF-1495 used uncapitalize version for inkjet in free text.
XJDF-1251 Remove similar illustration about scaling and rotation.
Updated and move illustration of coordinate system for trimming.
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
Updated illustrations for "Strapped bundle" and "Strapped bundle with sub-bundles"
Testless build