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Build Completed Code commits Tests
SCHEMES › XJDF › #451 3 months ago 135 passed
LIB › JDFLIBJ › #1536 4 months ago
npe in getnodeinfo
10884 passed
LIB › JDFLIBJ › #1535 4 months ago
added test
10881 passed
LIB › PTKJ › #826 4 months ago
added utils
462 passed
LIB › JDFLIBJ › #1534 4 months ago
revived enum
10878 passed
LIB › JDFLIBJ › #1533 4 months ago
xjdf + color cosmetics / metrics
unit transfer curve
10878 passed
LIB › JDFLIBJ › #1532 5 months ago
wrong return type
filespec legacy in DieLayout
10872 passed
LIB › JDFLIBJ › #1531 5 months ago
rename back (lower case "data")
rename to schema value
metric fix
capital d
10866 passed
LIB › JDFLIBJ › #1530 5 months ago
schema test fixes
10866 passed
TOOL › JDFUT › #744 5 months ago
schema generator fixes
9 passed
Build Completed Code commits Tests
LIB › JDFLIBJ › #1529 5 months ago
update using new schema
9 of 10899 failed
LIB › JDFLIBJ › #1521 6 months ago
loosened test
cosmetics + improved handling of referenced resources when splitting xjdf
1 of 10872 failed
SCHEMES › XJDF › #431 7 months ago
added multipageFold
Testless build
SCHEMES › PTKS › #35 7 months ago Testless build
LIB › PTKJ › #807 7 months ago
PTK 2.0 schema
304 passed
TOOL › EDITORRELEASE › #58 1 year ago
better handling of combined xjdf conversion
interop improvements
Testless build
LIB › XJDFLIBRELEASE › #73 2 years ago Testless build
LIB › JDFLIBJRELEASE › #88 2 years ago
mem test loosen
partitioning is complicated
test fix
nasty xjdf tcp bug
more partitions
typo in deprecated PartitionGetter
npe fix
correct handling of getpartition if multiple entries exist
more and more partiotions
more partitions
added some more partition tests
metrics fixes and improvements
npe when xjmf conversion of messages with bad type
ordered queue improvements
test loosening
allow aux files to be deleted earlier
xjdf split cosmetics + test
xjdf transfercurve fix
muchos nasty partition bug
snafu in bug fix
wrong privacy in xjdf split
added synch to test
added tcp ref test
added tests
next partition fun
improved xjdf split
partition improvements
added ProductHelper.getIntents()
one more partition fix
spurious test fail fix
test loosening
metrics fix
more tests
updated xjmf support
fixversion fix if zappInvalid=true
test fixes
personref bugfix
added ignorelist to fixversion
some cleanup and more tests
xjmf conversion for resourceinfo
added tests and removed "" from valid attribute values
metrics cleanup + improved partitioning
test loosened
loosen test
test fix for fuzzy network
bug in unify
test fixes
xjmf updates for ResourceInfo
updated auto
added save
XJDF: correct handling of partitioned transfercurvepools
removed xsl security leak
made parseboolean and isboolean consistent
Merge branch 'master' of ssh://bitbucket.cip4.org:7999/lib/jdflibj

# Conflicts:
#        src/test/java/org/cip4/jdflib/util/DumpDirTest.java
more partition cleanup
janitor fix
improved runpage partition conversion
deprecated backwards compatible address in person
npe fix
blockname for non-leaf resources
partition fixes
fix for XJDF conversion of foreign namespace JDF pagelist
nasty metrics unfix
next test fix
test fixes
added cXF Read support
mtrics test fixes
next partiotion fun
a bit too raw...
test loosening
speed up identical search
xjdf color fix for colors with no separation
improved agentaname/agentversion JMF handling
test fix
don't be so picky when reading duplicate colors
partition updates
yet another partition fix
transferfunction enhancements for qc
improved multi-task queue handling - no more gazillion threads
test fix
nasty url extractor bug fix
test loosening
added convenience getter and setter for RunList/FileSpec (XJDF)
test fix #1
test loosen
made missing routine public
better xjdf conversion link amount handling
mem test loose
updated auto generation
update to JDF 1.6
more tcp fixes
xjmf conversion for setgang
some xjdf helpers
oops - que test dosn't work in parallel
queueing test fixes
added global millisecond support to JDFDate
partition update
Testless build
TOOL › BAMBIRELEASE › #9 2 years ago
minor fix for 404
better logging of sim processor
improved signal dispatching
better logging for signal dispatcher
findbugs cleanup
use zip only when both wmf and pdf are 2.0 in a callback
better url detection for subscriptions
better queue statistic handling
remove over zealous logging of jmf warnings
improved deviceid handling of MsgSubscription
improved idle handling
undo default change in isspecific
more multiqueue processing
improved signal logging
better handling of server errors for jmf
improved handling of multiple signals in one dispatch
queue minor refactoring
cleanup of warnings
metric fix
improved version handling in subscriptions + test fix
bug fix
hotfolder and stuff cleanup
added converter for mime stream
test package fix
NPE in queue stats
improved Bambi unit tests
Improved error handling for subscriptions
improved messaging
improved abort logging
test fix + compiler plugin update
improved (1.5) queue filtering
Safety check for empty QueueFilter
bug fix for base dir on windows
submission return fix
dont lie in your function names
added SignalDispatcher.size()
xjdf in bambi
remove npe for proxy processor
enable enhanced logging
more message logging
minor logging fix
don't resend null streams
retain mime details
better handling of invalid streams
informative spawn bug
log improvements
improved raw XJDF submission
added setting for behavior of rc=500+
no duplicate callbacks
added test
added subscription test
3 passed
LIB › XJDFLIBRELEASE › #67 3 years ago
schema repairman
more schema updates
merged missed issues
many schema
updated schema
more schema updates
more schema updates
Merge commit '8abed85fc00c226f0506431bb8d77ccd5264c28f'

* commit '8abed85fc00c226f0506431bb8d77ccd5264c28f':
schema fixes for element ordering
Testless build
Build Completed Code commits Tests
LIB › JDFLIBJ › #1530 5 months ago
schema test fixes
10866 passed
LIB › JDFLIBJ › #1522 6 months ago
refelement snafu when evil target
10839 passed
LIB › PTKJ › #813 6 months ago
version update
456 passed
LIB › JDFLIBJ › #1517 6 months ago
hopefully final test fixes
10824 passed
SCHEMES › JDF15 › #102 6 months ago
sample fix
Testless build
SCHEMES › XJDF › #443 6 months ago
renamed version chalenged groovy script
131 passed