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Build: #63 failed Unknown


This build has the following metadata. These are property key value pairs describing the build. You can specify your own metadata in the build process via apps.

Key Value
triggerReason.jiraBaseUrl https://jira.cip4.org
triggerReason.jiraProjectKey XJDFLIB
triggerReason.jiraProjectName xJdfLib
triggerReason.jiraUserDisplayName Stefan Meissner
triggerReason.jiraUsername stefanmeissner
triggerReason.jiraVersion 0.11
triggerReason.jiraVersionId 10602


The following parameters have been manually overridden.

Name Value
jira.projectKey XJDFLIB Overridden
jira.username stefanmeissner Overridden
jira.version 0.11 Overridden
jira.projectName xJdfLib Overridden
jira.baseUrl https://jira.cip4.org Overridden