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Build: #73 failed Release build for xJdfLib 0.14 by Michel Hartmann

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xJdfLib master
c641eb93309a97265202788ce068973c2a2029c4 c641eb93309a97265202788ce068973c2a2029c4
389654e247d60c5dbdb9ce370e08b781d3b1ebfa 389654e247d60c5dbdb9ce370e08b781d3b1ebfa
Fixed in
#74 (Release build for xJdfLib 0.14 by Michel Hartmann)
No failed test found. A possible compilation error occurred.


Custom variables

Name Value
jira.projectKey XJDFLIB
jira.username mlhartmann
jira.version 0.14
jira.projectName xJdfLib
jira.baseUrl https://jira.cip4.org

Code commits

xJdfLib master
Author Commit Message Commit date
Michel Hartmann <michel.hartmann@flyeralarm.com> Michel Hartmann <michel.hartmann@flyeralarm.com> c641eb93309a97265202788ce068973c2a2029c4 c641eb93309a97265202788ce068973c2a2029c4 XJDF-1540
Fixed cardinality of attributes in HolePattern
Rainer Prosi <rainer.prosi@heidelberg.com> Rainer Prosi <rainer.prosi@heidelberg.com> 20b3e23d266f2fd4b0003d8c88f875b84d886d51 20b3e23d266f2fd4b0003d8c88f875b84d886d51 XJDF-1605
Rainer Prosi <rainer.prosi@heidelberg.com> Rainer Prosi <rainer.prosi@heidelberg.com> 5db9a5efc06ff7bc11ab0742aa06d46ca99f92bc 5db9a5efc06ff7bc11ab0742aa06d46ca99f92bc XJDF-1446, XJDF-1440, XJDF-1432
Michel Hartmann <michel.hartmann@flyeralarm.com> Michel Hartmann <michel.hartmann@flyeralarm.com> 0660749e2c0a50210382d6e56df822f724058b3e 0660749e2c0a50210382d6e56df822f724058b3e XJDF-1500
Rainer Prosi <rainer.prosi@heidelberg.com> Rainer Prosi <rainer.prosi@heidelberg.com> 3a222390836e1e208aacdceb2e91d03bd425e0db 3a222390836e1e208aacdceb2e91d03bd425e0db XJDF-1500

Configuration changes

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Jira issues

11 more issues…
Unknown Issue TypeJDF-231Could not obtain issue details from Jira
Unknown Issue TypeJDF-232Could not obtain issue details from Jira
Unknown Issue TypeJDF-233Could not obtain issue details from Jira
Unknown Issue TypeXJDF-152Could not obtain issue details from Jira
Unknown Issue TypeXJDF-820Could not obtain issue details from Jira

Error summary for gradle RELEASE

The job generated some errors, drill down into the full build log for more details.

INFO:root:Find next developer-version for project XJDFLIB
INFO:root:Releasing version: 0.14
ERROR:root:No new dev-version has been found.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "scripts/release-next-dev-version.py", line 40, in <module>
    raise ValueError('No new dev-version has been found.')
ValueError: No new dev-version has been found.