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5832cc44ad80b35964cd88f1e8c290fcd788fd93 5832cc44ad80b35964cd88f1e8c290fcd788fd93
389654e247d60c5dbdb9ce370e08b781d3b1ebfa 389654e247d60c5dbdb9ce370e08b781d3b1ebfa
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#81 (Release build for xPrintTalkLib 0.14.1 by Michel Hartmann)
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jira.projectKey XPTKLIB
jira.username mlhartmann
jira.version 0.14.1
jira.projectName xPrintTalkLib

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xPrintTalkLib master
Author Commit Message Commit date
Michel Hartmann <> Michel Hartmann <> b09228fd6f75a84d320340f6ea963c40f7f9a932 b09228fd6f75a84d320340f6ea963c40f7f9a932 Push tag when releasing a new version
Michel Hartmann <> Michel Hartmann <> 5832cc44ad80b35964cd88f1e8c290fcd788fd93 5832cc44ad80b35964cd88f1e8c290fcd788fd93 Upgraded to xJdfLib 0.14.1
Michel Hartmann <> Michel Hartmann <> 20bfb8fc8a12c1cae08b66f77ef600e628fbbb87 20bfb8fc8a12c1cae08b66f77ef600e628fbbb87 Added nexus-staging plugin in order to automate the release process
R2 D2 R2 D2 9f70e7a447633253fbbd9c588a9904e9a4e94d66 9f70e7a447633253fbbd9c588a9904e9a4e94d66 'Incremented version number to dev=0.15-SNAPSHOT'
R2 D2 R2 D2 bbafa65e50ed839a41e852db95a7b201f2b7c111 bbafa65e50ed839a41e852db95a7b201f2b7c111 'Prepare for release of 0.14'

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Error summary for build RELEASE

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INFO:root:Find next developer-version for project XPTKLIB
INFO:root:Releasing version: 0.14.1
ERROR:root:No new dev-version has been found.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "scripts/", line 40, in <module>
    raise ValueError('No new dev-version has been found.')
ValueError: No new dev-version has been found.