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JDF Schema 1.x
a921f4ca4db80919e72e3dc5571c6eef8de873f5 a921f4ca4db80919e72e3dc5571c6eef8de873f5
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389654e247d60c5dbdb9ce370e08b781d3b1ebfa 389654e247d60c5dbdb9ce370e08b781d3b1ebfa
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2a18aae1377e56419abbd9f753cd0190230bdb29 2a18aae1377e56419abbd9f753cd0190230bdb29
5de2ac7ae9e30e28ffcda02f29658d0db80890ee 5de2ac7ae9e30e28ffcda02f29658d0db80890ee
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JDF Schema 1.x
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Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> a921f4ca4db80919e72e3dc5571c6eef8de873f5 a921f4ca4db80919e72e3dc5571c6eef8de873f5 JDF-768 Added @ToolIDs to DeviceInfo.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 4639505daf91ce8990988e175a5f3c8ec8c320d6 4639505daf91ce8990988e175a5f3c8ec8c320d6 JDF-774 Added @SheetLay to StrippingParams.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 0647bdbb5587ac76102f9a5189cf6f3b1ab504c8 0647bdbb5587ac76102f9a5189cf6f3b1ab504c8 JDF-752 Change cardinality of SheetOptimizingParams/ConvertingConfig.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> c37f3e304d0fffba47910644067aa02fbbba2087 c37f3e304d0fffba47910644067aa02fbbba2087 JDF-764 Added @RelatedJobID, @RelatedJobPartID, @ToolIDs and @WorkStepID to Status/JobPhase.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 78aaff35f0cccf72b066f34d1dbf780a685de6d1 78aaff35f0cccf72b066f34d1dbf780a685de6d1 JDF-784 JDF-777  Added @CustomerID and @PlacedQuantity to SheetOptimizingParams/GangElement

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