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JDF Schema 1.x
b8c6283216a75d55108303ab00ed5ed670c3f921 b8c6283216a75d55108303ab00ed5ed670c3f921
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389654e247d60c5dbdb9ce370e08b781d3b1ebfa 389654e247d60c5dbdb9ce370e08b781d3b1ebfa
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2a18aae1377e56419abbd9f753cd0190230bdb29 2a18aae1377e56419abbd9f753cd0190230bdb29
5b7462a5e84edab5a7520ca642d8c3b4db66489d 5b7462a5e84edab5a7520ca642d8c3b4db66489d
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Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 5b7462a5e84edab5a7520ca642d8c3b4db66489d 5b7462a5e84edab5a7520ca642d8c3b4db66489d JDF-684 Minor typos/references while preparing to do the complete trawl.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> f80cd7bb04950142e44a0c592be47297a9618379 f80cd7bb04950142e44a0c592be47297a9618379 JDF-632 Fixed description of ColorMeasurement and added proper references in the header of the sub-element.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> f5b283a92b37b5845d2c101847b501218313f594 f5b283a92b37b5845d2c101847b501218313f594 JDF-594 Added new references to the Certification sub-element.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> c87d2e8968f97b3f6bc3f73716cbbd1fb1d82871 c87d2e8968f97b3f6bc3f73716cbbd1fb1d82871 JDF-726 Cleaned up spurious New in XJDF in introduction chapter.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> dc8cbaa02bf09e8669f1df76b3ac570e25acec90 dc8cbaa02bf09e8669f1df76b3ac570e25acec90 JDF-639 Updated 1.7 version of Part/@BlockName to match 2.1 description.

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