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Related issues (11 issues)
Type Key Summary Status Assignee Fix versions Related Builds Operations
Story JDF-409 Barcode Quality Implemented Unassigned 1.7, 2.1 9 related builds
Story JDF-648 Description of multiple signatures with post folding cut Implemented Unassigned 2.1 8 related builds
Bug JDF-720 gang assembly partitioning requirements are not backwards compatible Implemented Unassigned 2.1 4 related builds
Story JDF-723 clarify that SignatureCell/@Sides applies to the product Implemented Unassigned 1.7, 2.1 5 related builds
Story JDF-736 improve design of combined register marks Implemented Unassigned 2.1 13 related builds
Story JDF-739 Add Spectrum and ColorMeasurementConditions to Media Implemented Unassigned 1.7, 2.1 8 related builds
Story JDF-748 Poor formatting of examples Implemented Unassigned 1.7, 2.1 6 related builds
Story JDF-758 replace GangElement/MediaRef and RunlistRef with inline elements Implemented Unassigned 2.1 7 related builds
Story JDF-761 Revise the ordering, headers and layout of the Audit, AuditPool etc Implemented Unassigned 1.7 9 related builds
Typo JDF-769 wrong reference in JobPhase/@ModuleIDS Implemented Unassigned 2.1 4 related builds
Typo JDF-778 add "Example headings to section 11.10.3 Examples for Job Modification Implemented Unassigned 2.1 5 related builds