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2a18aae1377e56419abbd9f753cd0190230bdb29 2a18aae1377e56419abbd9f753cd0190230bdb29
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Rainer Prosi <> Rainer Prosi <> 7ac5d26f7e524277c7d9c8146fe13902d123ef02 7ac5d26f7e524277c7d9c8146fe13902d123ef02 added multipageFold
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Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 323b3301b3c9d11108018199bf748df9997bbaf7 323b3301b3c9d11108018199bf748df9997bbaf7 JDF-633 Removed unwanted entries from the glossary and fixed all cross references etc.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 2f64951860700c5c60859f09f4a8c2a0ff047d8a 2f64951860700c5c60859f09f4a8c2a0ff047d8a JDF-752 Fixed some more broken references and 'WaitForGang' enumeration.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 8215a9478cd6c422a174be65b98829c62d5c958f 8215a9478cd6c422a174be65b98829c62d5c958f JDF-777 Added @PlacedQuantity to GangElement...
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 783bb2e4fdc6934c9c16e19d6f5045e94c8a3626 783bb2e4fdc6934c9c16e19d6f5045e94c8a3626 JDF-752 Complete revision of ganging - removing the GangPreparation process and the GangPreparationResource also had to modify the ForceGangPolicy, inline and remove.

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