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f8839fd46138de6d8668f728e2358459d878bf52 f8839fd46138de6d8668f728e2358459d878bf52
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2a18aae1377e56419abbd9f753cd0190230bdb29 2a18aae1377e56419abbd9f753cd0190230bdb29
e99b92a71fba637455f4176c9a98b988d74d0b3a e99b92a71fba637455f4176c9a98b988d74d0b3a
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Rainer Prosi <> Rainer Prosi <> f8839fd46138de6d8668f728e2358459d878bf52 f8839fd46138de6d8668f728e2358459d878bf52 JDF-701 (upper and lower case)
Author Commit Message Commit date
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> e99b92a71fba637455f4176c9a98b988d74d0b3a e99b92a71fba637455f4176c9a98b988d74d0b3a JDF-638 Revise use of CutBlock and make it a subelement.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 9f4339ebbda87770c3300cee12a2801265b52186 9f4339ebbda87770c3300cee12a2801265b52186 JDF-573 Fixed formatting of normative words in the introduction to QualityControlResult.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 88351289b90b31f9218791ee86fe9b48247054e5 88351289b90b31f9218791ee86fe9b48247054e5 JDF-516 Fixed missing reference in Event subelement header.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> c6949c4becbddb70ef7e128403bc4e16da558755 c6949c4becbddb70ef7e128403bc4e16da558755 JDF-717 Removed redundant 'new' in release notes.

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