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Graham Mann <graham.mann@bilney.co.uk> Graham Mann <graham.mann@bilney.co.uk> 5668281e528996b27f27c0c90cdbfd6df001cd5c 5668281e528996b27f27c0c90cdbfd6df001cd5c PPICS-124 Removed all subelements and inlined them as all are used once only. Excluded the subelements chapter as it is now empty.
Graham Mann <graham.mann@bilney.co.uk> Graham Mann <graham.mann@bilney.co.uk> 4c37f92a3689e773b14df891e64e769d99652391 4c37f92a3689e773b14df891e64e769d99652391 PPICS-122 Added @Start to NodeInfo.
Graham Mann <graham.mann@bilney.co.uk> Graham Mann <graham.mann@bilney.co.uk> bf984819154f0f9a166d1ebf2c9a6c4b6ccb52a7 bf984819154f0f9a166d1ebf2c9a6c4b6ccb52a7 PPICS-128 Tidy use of AuditPool in OrderStatusResponse.
Graham Mann <graham.mann@bilney.co.uk> Graham Mann <graham.mann@bilney.co.uk> e24201a28909c2b90a9ac02093fe603b72308de3 e24201a28909c2b90a9ac02093fe603b72308de3 PPICS-130 Fixed missing conditional for 'JobCompletedSuccessfully'
Graham Mann <graham.mann@bilney.co.uk> Graham Mann <graham.mann@bilney.co.uk> 3bfb75dcd1dccb6021f45d854b294594a258dbdb 3bfb75dcd1dccb6021f45d854b294594a258dbdb PPICS-129 Fixed missing 'r' values.

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