Build: #4 was successful Unknown


This build has the following metadata. These are property key value pairs describing the build. You can specify your own metadata in the build process via add-ons.

Key Value
triggerReason.jiraProjectKey JDF
triggerReason.jiraProjectName JDF
triggerReason.jiraUserDisplayName Stefan Meissner
triggerReason.jiraUsername stefanmeissner
triggerReason.jiraVersion 1.6-MILESTONE-Strasbourg-16.10
triggerReason.jiraVersionId 10801


The following parameters have been manually overridden.

Name Value
jira.projectKey JDF Overridden
jira.username stefanmeissner Overridden
jira.version 1.6-MILESTONE-Strasbourg-16.10 Overridden
jira.projectName JDF Overridden
jira.baseUrl Overridden