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94d246d6dffe0d7c89b9d429c183cd2d7271037e 94d246d6dffe0d7c89b9d429c183cd2d7271037e
889129aaf681a3fed70037e18711e269e26c5e6e 889129aaf681a3fed70037e18711e269e26c5e6e
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Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 94d246d6dffe0d7c89b9d429c183cd2d7271037e 94d246d6dffe0d7c89b9d429c183cd2d7271037e XJDF-1416 Added MiscConsumable for SpineTaping
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 478d904d2671d7bcd5e82c41e7a5f37d3da24301 478d904d2671d7bcd5e82c41e7a5f37d3da24301 XJDF-1418 Modified descriptions of miscconsumable for wrapping and added better descriptions in the MiscConsumable/@Type table.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> b378478d4fa2587b95f8a7e9327d13aba9c98558 b378478d4fa2587b95f8a7e9327d13aba9c98558 XJDF-1414 Revised and modified usage MisConsumable values for LooseBinding.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 7a8e82b97b5203cd6cc6c2a5d7aab20397965f2e 7a8e82b97b5203cd6cc6c2a5d7aab20397965f2e XJDF-1403 Revised text describing how the reader should interpret tables in the process descriptions
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> bc5cd5e6a5808f9b0ea5388b8340249adaaa13b5 bc5cd5e6a5808f9b0ea5388b8340249adaaa13b5 XJDF-1425 Made LaminatingIntent/@Surface data type enumerations to allow for both front & back.

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