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ed9656680bfb64de05c2fec671072f8bf43b791c ed9656680bfb64de05c2fec671072f8bf43b791c
1276cf0b9ed319df2ee2722dd4ae7ad9a24396da 1276cf0b9ed319df2ee2722dd4ae7ad9a24396da
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#46 (Release build for XJDF / JDF 2.1-IP-1 by Rainer Prosi)

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Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> ed9656680bfb64de05c2fec671072f8bf43b791c ed9656680bfb64de05c2fec671072f8bf43b791c JDF-651 Aligned JDF/XJDF versions of the App G introduction.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 56d95c45c0f89f05fe4bb32406a42ae2eaa692ab 56d95c45c0f89f05fe4bb32406a42ae2eaa692ab JDF-638 Added missing change flag for both versions of CutBlock, new in ConvertingConfig.
R2 D2 R2 D2 3e9f475a2535c08a7ae1102e4e028e231a48dd31 3e9f475a2535c08a7ae1102e4e028e231a48dd31 Generated markup of samples from source
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 5b7462a5e84edab5a7520ca642d8c3b4db66489d 5b7462a5e84edab5a7520ca642d8c3b4db66489d JDF-684 Minor typos/references while preparing to do the complete trawl.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> f80cd7bb04950142e44a0c592be47297a9618379 f80cd7bb04950142e44a0c592be47297a9618379 JDF-632 Fixed description of ColorMeasurement and added proper references in the header of the sub-element.

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