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Michel Hartmann <> Michel Hartmann <> ee50513ad7ee331fba036f6ec062b3968636563c ee50513ad7ee331fba036f6ec062b3968636563c Upgrade to xJdfLib 0.15
Michel Hartmann <> Michel Hartmann <> c45f46531884f9034e7cbfe5b1c466d58f5aec55 c45f46531884f9034e7cbfe5b1c466d58f5aec55 * fixed copy paste errors when migrating to gradle
* updated release process
Michel Hartmann <> Michel Hartmann <> 52d9e75f0376ec529eaf369d09193a07cb1d2648 52d9e75f0376ec529eaf369d09193a07cb1d2648 fixed copy paste errors when migrating to gradle
Michel Hartmann <> Michel Hartmann <> bc97750d83a998c03b10ce2658f85f06659e5c55 bc97750d83a998c03b10ce2658f85f06659e5c55 fixed version number
Michel Hartmann <> Michel Hartmann <> 3ad14769b5017e87131d10fc95adcefc24be41d4 3ad14769b5017e87131d10fc95adcefc24be41d4 CS
Michel Hartmann <> Michel Hartmann <> c947e8aa1adae0f123f13b02d5b7e97ed2be4fc6 c947e8aa1adae0f123f13b02d5b7e97ed2be4fc6 Updated gradle to 4.10.1
R2 D2 R2 D2 22c745e72388f1767bc01eee24f99b636a80c1f8 22c745e72388f1767bc01eee24f99b636a80c1f8 'Incremented version number to dev=0.15-SNAPSHOT'
R2 D2 R2 D2 836dacfd1d87ec562fcb8ffc0d08c590b18ef57f 836dacfd1d87ec562fcb8ffc0d08c590b18ef57f 'Prepare for release of 0.14.1'