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Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> e99b92a71fba637455f4176c9a98b988d74d0b3a e99b92a71fba637455f4176c9a98b988d74d0b3a JDF-638 Revise use of CutBlock and make it a subelement.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 9f4339ebbda87770c3300cee12a2801265b52186 9f4339ebbda87770c3300cee12a2801265b52186 JDF-573 Fixed formatting of normative words in the introduction to QualityControlResult.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 88351289b90b31f9218791ee86fe9b48247054e5 88351289b90b31f9218791ee86fe9b48247054e5 JDF-516 Fixed missing reference in Event subelement header.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> c6949c4becbddb70ef7e128403bc4e16da558755 c6949c4becbddb70ef7e128403bc4e16da558755 JDF-717 Removed redundant 'new' in release notes.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 3398105fdb364d6c5c74a772f84e88c44ba080bd 3398105fdb364d6c5c74a772f84e88c44ba080bd JDF-718 Added clarification at the start of the Resource chapter.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 89b7482ea9c88911e4d75c1aa5237c98796b812e 89b7482ea9c88911e4d75c1aa5237c98796b812e JDF-621 Fixed editorial errors in the introduction to RunList.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 3fb9777b6a8fcb1d3e3601f88ebc76cb16856152 3fb9777b6a8fcb1d3e3601f88ebc76cb16856152 JDF-626 Fix number of instances of paragraphs ending with double ..
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 659152b1e8c4ff2b2a5fd362b2cfd40af95ffc49 659152b1e8c4ff2b2a5fd362b2cfd40af95ffc49 JDF-719 Updated introduction copyright.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 2d6b69fa4e7f7bcd20a22a49d3c1303bb51d26d5 2d6b69fa4e7f7bcd20a22a49d3c1303bb51d26d5 Merge branch 'master' of
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 3d1353abd49578880926a680f8b824a5e220e26b 3d1353abd49578880926a680f8b824a5e220e26b JDF-592 Fixed use of activity or the reference to the element.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 4192a028fbcb9c205d1ac7be2ea874b7a0265ccb 4192a028fbcb9c205d1ac7be2ea874b7a0265ccb JDF-594 Clarified usage for Medai Certification.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 2be5a5ddfa038246d75ae4d51beb3bd0fdb7f749 2be5a5ddfa038246d75ae4d51beb3bd0fdb7f749 JDF-602 Made paragraph unconditional and fixed typo.