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Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 273c1b385e0c952b43d9d3f36c0a338db3105a8c 273c1b385e0c952b43d9d3f36c0a338db3105a8c JDF-816 Changed the description of @RelatedJob(Part)ID to be to a JDF node.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> e58c95067ce2afcfbcfd3f1b1973d66a3728db57 e58c95067ce2afcfbcfd3f1b1973d66a3728db57 JDF-822 Moved ColorsUsed to be a subelement.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> a1773acb8b10d2d01e18a0c2b360418fc0ea575b a1773acb8b10d2d01e18a0c2b360418fc0ea575b JDF-821 Removed subelement references from HoleMakingIntent and FoldingIntent in XJDF.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> cd7a6adb7847aca675bea3acbda06e583d115e9e cd7a6adb7847aca675bea3acbda06e583d115e9e JDF-818 Revised clarification note of duration for XJDF and JDF.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 55ba9864eb497e9911e8722212d44b77f8348639 55ba9864eb497e9911e8722212d44b77f8348639 JDF-823 Added missing modification notes and release notes.
Graham Mann <> Graham Mann <> 94366f89eaecba8c97805ee542f0f7ae932b1aca 94366f89eaecba8c97805ee542f0f7ae932b1aca JDF-819 Added release notes for JDF section 'Mapping severity to scores'