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Release: release-51


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This release
Type Key Summary Status Assignee Fix versions
Bug JDF-372 Are descriptions required in the EncodingDetails Attribute Values Table Implemented Unassigned 1.7
Story JDF-396 Make a single XXXQuality element rather than an XXXQualityParams and XXXQualityResult Implemented Unassigned 2.1
Story JDF-398 add QualityControlParams/@QualityControlMethod and QualityControlResult/@QualityControlMethod Implemented Unassigned 1.7, 2.1
Story JDF-409 Barcode Quality Implemented Unassigned 1.7, 2.1
Story JDF-420 Incremental ganging workflow Implemented Unassigned 1.7, 2.1
Story JDF-440 Add Color/@Spectrum Implemented Unassigned 1.7, 2.1
Bug JDF-479 CatalogID is inconsistently deprecated Implemented Unassigned 1.7
Story JDF-654 Add DigitalPrintingParams/@Speed Implemented Unassigned 1.7, 2.1
Bug JDF-673 consolidate foldingintent description Implemented Unassigned 1.7, 2.1, 2.0 errata
Story JDF-675 Add discussion of Brand to DeliveryParams/@TrackingID Implemented Unassigned 2.1
Story JDF-676 review conditional text and make unconditional where appropriate Implemented Unassigned 1.7, 2.1
Story JDF-677 ReplaceBefore / ReplaceAfter missing in JMF/Signal Implemented Unassigned 1.7
Story JDF-680 Spec- Define master image for inspection setup Implemented Unassigned 1.7, 2.1
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